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Article Date: 28th April 2016

ABB Launches Modular Capacitor Shelf for Panel Builders

Modular Capacitor Shelf - Power Factor - Power Distribution System

ABB Power - The QCap QS is designed for IEC 60831-1 distribution panels and switchboards

ABB has launched a new range of shelf capacitors to improve power factor (PF). PF is the ratio of ‘real’ power that does the work to the ‘apparent’ power that needs to be supplied by the electricity supplier. They made their first public appearance at the official opening of ABB’s new Bromborough facility.

Inductive loads such as motors, pumps and fans cause the power factor to drop, which takes up ‘head room’ in the power distribution system, effectively reducing capacity, reducing equipment life and potentially leading to financial penalties from utilities. Installing Power Factor Correction (PFC) equipment alleviates this.

The new QCap QS shelf range is based on ABB’s well-proven QCap capacitors in a modular format for panel builders to integrate into low voltage distribution panels and switchboards that will operate under the conditions specified in the IEC 60831-1 standard.

Three units are available at 50 or 100 kvar, with the larger size being available with or without a detuning reactor. The units have been designed for straightforward installation and to ensure exception reliability and efficiency during operations.

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