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Article Date: 4th April 2016

DMS - BREEAM Water Leak Detection Systems

Leak Detection System - Water Meters - Water Leak Alarm

DMS LeakSaver 1

Single zone water leak detection system for BREEAM WAT02 and WAT03.

The LeakSaver1 monitors the amount of water passing into the building over a set period of time. Should this amount be exceeded it will create an alarm. It is used in two ways: (1) when the exterior wall of the building is effectively the boundary as it is situated adjacent to the street, such as an office building in a city centre, (2) when the mains cold water enters more than one building with the exterior pipe work teeing off into each one.

The LeakSaver1 can be used for “Water Monitoring”. The aim of WAT02 is to manage water and encourage reductions in consumption. A pulsed water metre is required on all mains supplies and on the supply to any building using more than 10% of the total water consumption. The LeakSaver1 connects to the water metre and to the Building Management System to monitor the amount of water used.

The system has been designed to meet all of the WAT03 requirements for water leak detection and prevention.

An alarm is raised when the flow of water (measured using pulsed water metres) exceeds a pre-set maximum for a pre-set period of time.

It is able to identify different flow rates by programming high and/or low levels over different time periods.

The LeakSaver1 is fully programmable to suit the users water consuming requirements.

It also has the ability to avoid false alarms when larger volumes of water are called for.

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