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Article Date: 18th April 2016

Gilberts of Blackpool - “Quality” Solution Fuses School Ventilation for Better Teaching Environment

Ventilation Solution - Fusion Units - School Ventilation - Natural Ventilation

Gilberts - Flying High Academy

A unique ventilation solution is helping deliver a “better teaching environment” at a state-of-the-art school.

Gilberts’ innovative Mistrale Fusion (MFS) ventilation has been installed by M&E engineers Selmec for Kier Construction in the new Flying High Academy in Nottinghamshire. The Fusion units have been used in all 16 classrooms in the building, with 2 no MFS128 in every teaching area bar one, which, being larger, has 3 no.

Installed through the external façade or window, Mistrale MFS mixes internal and external air to ventilate the internal space through one unit without needing separate inlets and extracts.

A mixing damper within modulates airflow to allow the new, fresh air to mix with the warm internal air, thus extracting its heat without the need for an exchanger. The integrated low energy fan energises to blend the internal air, ensuring an even distribution of airflow, with control over temperature and CO2 levels within, and maintenance of a comfortable internal environment for occupants.

Just 2 no Mistrale MFS128 single-sided units will ventilate a standard 32 person classroom, achieving the 8litres/sec/person fresh air required by current Department of Education Building Bulletin (BB101) and PBSP guidelines. And it costs as little as £5/room/year* to operate.

Selmec project manager David Sheldrake explained, “Originally an alternative natural ventilation with heat recovery system was specified; Gilberts’ Fusion provides, in my opinion, a higher quality solution. It gives greater control over the air quality. It gives better air distribution within the classroom. Fresh air delivers a better teaching environment, helping children concentrate.

Gilberts Mistrale Fusion“Mistrale Fusion is also less complex to install, requiring only one external louvre for both intake and exhaust air. The thorough approach by Gilberts offered a far higher quality solution.”

Flying High Academy is the first of a £44m batch of new build schools in the county being built by Kier under the Priority Schools Building Programme for the Education Funding Agency. It is also the first by Kier to feature Mistrale Fusion: Kier site manager Lee Barnes observed, “We will be including the Fusion ventilation across the batch.”

Gilberts has further taken care to attain compliance with Building Regulations Approved Document L: Mistrale MFS attains air leakage better than legislative requirements- 5m³/HR/m², and a U value of 1W/m²/°C. As with all Gilberts’ ventilation solutions, it delivers efficient weather performance via its bespoke louvre system.

Founded 50+ years ago, privately owned Gilberts is unique in having its own, on-site (85,000ft²) manufacturing facility, producing engineered solutions, with an in-house test centre. Technical expertise is supported with full in-house testing addressing air movement and combining with computational fluid dynamics CFD.

*fan running costs on current (2016) energy rates

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