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Article Date: 4th April 2016

Kingspan Industrial Insulation - What are Fire Sleeves?

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Kingspan Industrial Insulation Fire Sleeve

Kooltherm FireSleeves are a unique combination of high performance phenolic insulation, intumescent and stainless steel. These innovative products act as a 2 hour fire stop to BS EN 1366, on both steel and copper pipe service penetrations through rigid wall applications, and incorporate the excellent fire and smoke performance of Kooltherm FM Pipe Insulation.

Kooltherm FireSleeve Fire safety is a major concern for many in the building services industry, and with virtually all mechanical and electrical applications needing to penetrate through fire-rated building elements at some point, it is not enough to simply specify service products and surrounding insulation which achieve a high level of fire performance.

There are a number of fire stop options on the market, but for pipework applications the simplest solution is often to fit a fire sleeve, with vapour barriers maintained as the insulated pipework passes through the building element. Fire sleeve products typically comprise an intumescent layer inside a metal facing which is sealed at both ends with compressible rings. In the event of a fire, the high levels of heat cause the intumescent layer to swell to several times its original size and form a hard char, closing any gaps between the pipework and penetration edge.

The Kooltherm FireSleeve comprises an intumescent layer inside a stainless steel facing and is sealed at both ends with compressible rings. When exposed to high levels of heat, the intumescent swells and forms a hard char which closes any gaps between the pipework and the penetration edge.

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