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Article Date: 26th April 2016

Zehnder Dispels the Myths about Radiant Heating in New Free Ebook

Radiant Heating Systems - Free Ebook - Cooling Ceiling System

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“Everything you need to know about Radiant Heating but didn’t dare ask”

We have all experienced radiant heating - from the sun - when we feel it warming us, even when the air temperature is cold. The same principle has been applied to radiant heating technology for over 100 years and is a proven heating strategy in commercial and public buildings. Zehnder’s new, FREE e-book discusses 10 key factors around radiant heating; debunking some of the myths and misunderstandings to detail why radiant heating can be used to create the perfect indoor climate.

Download the e-book now and discover:

  • What radiant heat actually is
  • The importance of mean radiant temperature and how radiant heating helps
  • How radiant heating keeps people comfortable – a key need for buildings!
  • Benefits – energy saving, space saving
  • It’s radiant heating AND cooling that enables a comfortable environment to be achieved
  • Radiant heating application – how and where it has been used

Zehnder is a market leader in supplying radiant heating and cooling ceiling systems for a wide range of commercial applications, from schools and hospitals to offices and warehouses.

To find out more about how radiant heating can be the perfect energy-efficient, healthy and comfortable solution for your indoor environment, download a copy of Zehnder’s new Radiant Heating Ebook today.

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