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Article Date: 24th April 2017

Advanced - Latest Projects during March 2017

Bio Fuel Scania Generator - Diesel Generator - Stand-By Power

Advanced - 50Kva silent Cat unit

Bio Fuel Generator

This Advanced designed and built Bio fuel Scania generator is the second unit to be supplied to a UK Hospital. The unit will run 24/7 providing combined heat and power to the Hospital complex.

Advanced - Diesel Generator

Packaging Power

A pair of Cat 150Kva machines get loaded and despatched to a packaging company in the UK. The machines will provide prime power to a newly installed automated packaging machine.

Advanced - Diesel Generator

Increasing Exports

Another Cummins 1675Kva unit is despatched to an energy provider in Lithuania. The company specialises in short term power reserve for large companies and the unit will be leased to them for a 5 year period.

Advanced - Diesel Generator

Power in the Sunshine

Two Cummins 550Kva silent units are being shipped to Mars the confectioner in the Maldives. They will provide prime power to a new manufacturing facility.

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