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Article Date: 21st April 2017

ARDEX - Installing Luxury Vinyl Tiles in Areas of High Temperature

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ARDEX AF 2575 Adhesive

What do ARDEX mean by a high temperature adhesive?

All ARDEX Flooring Adhesives are classified as having high temperature resistance, and are suitable for use over normal underfloor heating systems. Advice in the British Standards (BS 8203 & BS 8204) states that the subfloor surface, at the adhesive line, must be controlled to a maximum of 27°C. All ARDEX Flooring Adhesives go a step further, and can withstand surface floor temperatures up to 30°C, giving you further piece of mind.

What about Conservatories?

In areas subjected to prolonged or extreme solar gain, such as southerly facing aspects, conservatories, extensions and orangeries, the surface temperature of the floor can exceed 50°C, and with these living areas becoming more popular than ever, it is vital to ensure that the correct flooring adhesive is specified when installing resilient floorcoverings, such as LVT and vinyl sheet.

It is important to refer to the floorcovering manufacturer’s guidelines, but most recommend the use of specialist ‘epoxy’, or two component adhesives. Often referred to as ‘Heavy Duty’, these types of adhesives are moisture, weather and water resistant, are suitable for internal and external use, and have very high bond strengths making them ideal for use in high load areas. Traditionally these have always been two component products that require mixing, but now ARDEX have an alternative solution.

The Future of Heavy Duty Adhesives

ARDEX AF 2575 is a one component adhesive and is suitable for use over underfloor heating systems and in areas of high solar gain such as conservatories and southerly facing aspects.

Unlike traditional heavy duty adhesives, ARDEX AF 2575 is ready mixed and resealable, which means there’s no wastage. Simply spread the required amount of adhesive, replace the foil and reseal the lid ready for your next job.

During the installation of LVT, ARDEX AF 2575 offers the following application benefits:

  • Excellent early stage grab means little or no lateral movement of the planks
  • A long working time of up to 35 minutes, means there’s no need to rush and risk late placement of the floorcovering
  • Spills can be easily removed from the floorcovering without the need for harsh chemicals, simply let the adhesive cure and peel it off the flooring
  • Suitable for use on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates
  • Unaffected by cold temperatures, and easy to spread

ARDEX AF 2575 is solvent free and classified as EC1 PLUS, achieving the lowest possible emission limits. No Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is required during installation, and there are the added benefits of no back mixing, cleaning of whisks, or contaminated waste issues.

ARDEX AF 2575 is also moisture resistant, making it ideal for use when installing sheet vinyl flooring in wet rooms, and weather resistant, so it can be used outside to fit artificial grass.

The ARDEX range of High Performance Flooring Adhesives has been developed and tested to be fully compatible with today’s most popular floorcoverings; offering the professional installer unique application benefits and guaranteed long term performance, helping to ensure the perfect installation every time.

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