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Article Date: 20th April 2017

DMS - Heat Pump Metering

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DMS - Sontex Superstatic 470

Introducing the Sontex Superstatic 470 SPF - taking metering to the next level with direct efficiency measurement for heat pumps.

The Superstatic 470 SPF is an autonomous thermal energy meter that measures the efficiency of Ground Source, Water Source and Air Source heat pumps and displays it as a performance factor. This displayed performance factor SPF is the ratio between the delivered heat energy (or useful heat) and the consumed electrical energy (or driving energy) during a specific period of time.

The 470 SPF consists of a static flow sensor, an integrator and a pair of temperature sensors. It can be used both in local heating and cooling using a heat pump. The Superstatic 470 SPF meets the requirements of the European directive 2014/32/EC (MID) and the standard EN 1434 class 2.

Three different performance factors can be measured and displayed, as follows:

  • SPF1: Seasonal Performance Factor during a defined period of time within 12 months
  • (The value of the previous period is also stored and available).
  • SPF2: Average Performance Factor of the heat pump since its initial commissioning.
  • SPF3: Daily Performance Factor
  • 31 values of the previous period are stored and available.

DMS - Energy MeterKey Benefits of using a thermal energy meter Superstatic 470 SPF

  • Rapid and easy to use visualisation of your effective performance factor
  • Can display up to three different performance factors
  • Minimal maintenance required thanks to the self-cleaning principle.
  • Early intervention in case of heat pump malfunction due to monitoring
  • Could reduce up to 20% the energy consumption due to visualisation

Communication interface & Power supply Options

  • Six configurable non-galvanically isolated digital inputs (IN1 – IN6) and one M-Bus output
  • The six digital inputs (IN1 – IN6) can be parameterized for pulse counting purpose via the Prog470 software. Four of them (IN3 – IN6) can also be parametrized as follows:
    - Time counting: counts the operating time
    - Amount counting: time factor for each digital input
  • 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 24 VAC, 50/60 Hz or 12 – 24 VDC

About Sontex. As a recognised global leader in Static measurement technology, Switzerland based Sontex have built an enviable reputation supplying innovative metering solutions to over 30 countries. "Swiss Made" is both a motivation and an obligation for Sontex, with innovation and quality being at the forefront of their business processes.

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