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Article Date: 11th April 2017

DMS - WRAS Approved Hot & Cold Water Meters with M-Bus Interface

WRAS Water Meters - Water Meters - WRAS Approved Meters

DMS - Water Meter

UNICOcoderMP Singlejet Hot & Cold water meters with M-Bus interface

  • For Cold Water up to 50°C and Hot Water up to 90°C
  • DN15 ½"
  • DN20 ¾"


  • Singlejet dry-dial meter with magnetic coupling
  • 8 dial resolution with 3 comma place
  • Register can be turned for best readout position
  • Maximum operating pressure PN 16 bar
  • Maximum operating temperature Cold Water 50°C & Hot Water 90°C
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • High grade wear resistant and corrosion proof materials
  • Inlet strainer
  • Conformity according to European Measuring Instruments (MID)
  • Serial M-Bus-Interface to EN 13757-2 and M-Bus-Protocol EN 13757-3
  • Power is provided from the M-Bus central
  • Connecting cable, standard length 1,5m

Product Benefits

  • Mechanical roller register with 1-litre resolution:

Efficient consumption monitoring in consumption data management

  • Transfer of the effective meter reading:

No data loss and guaranteed security of the billing data

  • Register without batteries:

No service life restriction

  • Robust, high grade wear resistant materials:

Excellent measuring stability and reliability

  • Measurement of low flow rates:

Increased cost effectiveness

GWFcoder M-Bus Technology

The well-established GWFcoder®-system reads the absolute mechanical register value precisely and reliably and provides the data through standardised interfaces. The number wheels with three various long, asymmetrically arranged slots are being scanned through light pipes which are connected to five light emitting diodes (LED). Thus, the exact position of each number wheel can be detected and the encoded absolute register reader can be transmitted as part of the M-Bus protocol. This functioning principle is patented by GWF. The GWFcoder interface provides an incomparably higher level of information compared to meters with pulse output.

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