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Article Date: 24th April 2017

Thermoscreens - Launches Compact-2: An Enhanced Air Curtain at an Economical Price

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Thermoscreens- Air Curtain

Thermoscreens has launched the Compact-2 air curtain, which offers energy efficiency, BMS integration options, a stylish design and ease of installation and maintenance – all at an economical price.

Ideal for any frequently used commercial entrance, air curtains minimise the amount of cold air entering a building while keeping the warm air inside – providing a comfortable environment around the doorway and reducing the amount of heating required, lowering carbon emissions and energy costs.

Thermoscreen’s new Compact-2 is an energy efficient air curtain, and therefore lowers running costs and carbon emissions. It also offers straightforward outdoor temperature adjustment (weather compensation); this further improves efficiency because air curtain operation is closely linked to the outdoor environment.

Compact-2 comes with full BMS integration options to enhance controllability and efficiency. There is a choice of Ecopower remote controllers, which, by controlling fan speed, ensure that the correct air velocity is delivered for effective climate separation.

Available in surface mounted and recessed options, the air curtains will complement modern interiors with their sleek, modern styling. One key improvement is that the inlet grille has been concealed from view, providing a neater, more streamlined look.

Thermoscreens has also ensured that Compact-2 offers quicker, more flexible installations. There is an easy-to-install, fully adjustable rail hanging system, a range of single unit sizes to fit doors of up to 2.5m and simple plug and play control connections.

The new design includes improved space for electrical connections, and it’s easier to wire incoming electrical cables to the units. Engineers also benefit from quicker, easier access to internal components, resulting in lower maintenance costs for the end user.

Noise levels have also been lowered by 5bD – achieved by Thermoscreens moving from straight to twisted blade technology, and a top air inlet grille ensuring that half the noise generated by the product moves upwards and is absorbed by the ceiling.

Clive Latter from Thermoscreens said: "We have listened to the needs of our customers and have developed a new air curtain that offers many benefits over its predecessors – while ensuring it’s available at an economical price. Importantly, the product offers energy efficiency and BMS integration, and it’s easy to install and maintain.

"We have improved the aesthetics by making the design sleeker, but also by concealing the inlet grille. Inlet grilles often get dirty from contamination in the air and can look unsightly. We can’t stop the dirt deposits from forming, but we have ensured they are hidden from sight. In addition, we have redesigned our packaging to improve protection when the products are in storage and transit."

Thermoscreens is a market leading manufacturer of high quality air curtain solutions with an established and well-respected reputation worldwide. The company produces air curtains for retail, commercial, public sector buildings, architectural, industrial and refrigerated environments.

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