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Article Date: 9th April 2018

AET Flexible Space - New Website & 25th Year Celebrations for AET Flexible Space

Underfloor Air Conditioning - UFAC Systems - Raised Access Floor

AET New Website

AET Flexible Space, leading provider of underfloor air conditioning (UFAC) systems has recently launched a fully revamped website to coincide with their 25th year. The new website at www.flexiblespace.com has been designed to help visitors understand the concept of underfloor air conditioning and showcase the benefits of adopting a different way of thinking towards building services, as well as highlight the different types of underfloor systems available.

Underfloor air conditioning systems are commonly used in office environments and commercial workspace, making use of the plenum beneath the raised access floor as the ventilation zone. Fully conditioned air is supplied into the plenum by zonal downflow units, CAMs, and is then supplied into the workspace via recessed fan terminal units, known as Fantiles. Key features of the system include the inherent flexibility, with fast and easy relocation of the Fantiles which easily adapt to changes in space layouts, and the level of personal control for users, where temperature and fan speed can be adjusted either using the Fantile’s integrated controller or via the new mobile FlexApp.

The new website is fully responsive on mobile devices and has been designed to inform and educate with enhanced visual presentation tools, as well as promote user interaction.

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