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Article Date: 11th April 2018

Apollo Fire Detectors - Taking Fire Protection to the Next Level at Slovenia’s Public Broadcast Institution

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Apollo - RTV Slovenia

Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd has been at the centre of fire protection in Slovenia for decades, with many prestigious public buildings and institutions being protected by Apollo products, including the National Gallery of Slovenia.

RTV Slovenia is the public broadcasting institution based in the capital city Ljubljana. RTV produces a wide range of informative, educational and entertainment shows that promote the Slovenian way of life and encourage cultural creativity.

RTV is always looking to embrace new technology – Apollo devices were first installed there by panel partner and installer Zarja Elektronika in 1994 and it was important to the national broadcaster that upgrades would include the latest technological advances in fire detection.

“As with many multi-faceted buildings, false alarms are a major problem, causing unnecessary interference with day-to-day activities and requiring the movement of large numbers of people,” commented Boris Grivić, CEO, Zarja Elektronika. “We reassured RTV that the innovative SOTERIA range would not only significantly reduce false alarm incidents but also satisfy their requirements for absolute reliability and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.”

The buildings where the system upgrade took place had to remain open and accessible at all times as RTV broadcasts around the clock. Zarja Elektronika’s years of experience with this working situation and its familiarity with Apollo products meant that the installation team managed the challenges faced on site with resourceful efficiency.

With Zarja Elektronika responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the fire detection system across all of RTV's buildings, from studios to transmitter centres, they have a continuous programme of renewal and improvement in place. In the latest upgrade, almost 350 Apollo SOTERIA optical and heat detectors were installed with 350 more due to be fitted in 2018, making a total replacement of around 2000 devices over five years. Zarja Elektronika also installed two addressable Zarja NJP-400A panels, each with four loops.

In 1994, RTV started with 87 manual call points, 847 optical detectors, 20 heat detectors and 10 interfaces operating the Apollo XP95 protocol but, with increased sophistication, RTV now has more than 3800 addressable elements in place, which are controlled by 19 fire control panels.

Launched in 2015, SOTERIA optical detectors address two of the main causes of false alarms (dust and insects) through a brand new sensing technology called PureLight® and an improved smoke entry process. The innovative cone is a new sensing chamber design and an alternative to the traditional chevron chamber widely used in optical smoke detectors.

Zarja Elektronika and Apollo have been working closely on a number of major development projects. “Apollo often provides new equipment for testing on sites before launch and invites us to suggest modifications. We welcome the opportunity to offer new advances in fire detection products to our clients, knowing that the commitment to research and development at Apollo is first class,” concluded Roman Radej, responsible for RTV at Zarja Elektronika.

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