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Article Date: 13th April 2018

Breathing Buildings - The Noise Issue: Acoustics & Ventilation in Schools

Acoustics and Ventilation in Schools - School Ventilation

Breathing Buildings - The Noise Issue: Acoustics and Ventilation in Schools

Breathing Buildings has released a new, easy-to-grasp guide to BB93. Titled ‘The Noise Issue: Acoustics and Ventilation in Schools’, the data-rich infographic provides guidance on the acoustic performance standards that affect the acoustic design of schools, including considerations for children with special educational needs.

The Department for Education’s BB93 covers Acoustic Design of Schools: Performance Standards. Originally published in December 2014, BB93 is a comprehensive document that lays out the performance standards in detail. Written into the document are useful figures that help clarify the different standards for different modes of operation. However, documents such as these can be time consuming to read through and feedback we received from customers was that the publication requires the reader to delve into the body of it in order to glean the critical facts. We therefore decided to publish a new infographic that clearly communicates the key elements that need to be considered. The infographic explains the different measurements of noise, what may cause it and clearly shows the noise limits in a variety of classroom types.

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