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Article Date: 6th April 2018

Danfoss Shows How to ‘Do it Differently’ at Drives & Controls

Drives and Control Show - Speed Drive - VLT Drive

Danfoss Drives & Control Show

Visitors to the Danfoss Drives stand D751 at this year’s Drives & Control Show (NEC 10 to 12 April 2018) will be able to find out about the important benefits of ‘Doing it Differently’ – making informed and independent choices about motors and drives rather than settling for a package solution that may be less than optimal. The stand is themed around the Do it Differently concept, and features displays that showcase its three key pillars – ‘Equip Differently’, ‘Collaborate Differently’ and ‘Optimise Differently’.

The stand also highlights Danfoss Drives’ 50th anniversary as a leading manufacturer and innovator in the AC variable speed drive sector. Visitors can find out about how this unique achievement has laid the foundations for the ground-breaking technology currently on offer by the company.

As a further attraction for those visiting its stand, Danfoss Drives is offering a VR (virtual reality) experience. This provides detailed interactive three-dimensional views of many of the company’s leading-edge products, including those that are far too large to feature on the stand in any other way!

The Equip Differently area of the stand explains how breaking with the norm in system design and implementation can yield big benefits. This is illustrated by the example of three new ferries serving Scottish islands, which are achieving fuel savings of up to 33% by using hybrid propulsion technology that combines efficient Danfoss drives with battery energy storage.

Also featured in the Equip Differently area is the Danfoss VLT® AutomationDrive FC302 with integrated motion controller (IMC). Used with ordinary induction or permanent magnet (PM) motors, FC302 drives with IMC are a cost-effective high-performance alternative to servo drives in single-axis positioning and synchronising applications.

The Collaborate Differently area of the stand emphasizes how effective communication and interaction between stakeholders on a project can enhance results and reduce costs. In support of this concept, Danfoss Drives is showcasing ice rink applications, where close collaboration between the team working on the refrigeration systems and their counterparts working on HVAC and building services installations has helped to optimize maintainability and energy efficiency.

Products featured in the Collaborate Differently area include the VLT® HVAC Drive FC 102, the VACON® FLOW and the new Danfoss wireless HMI modules. The VLT® HVAC Drive FC 102 range is designed specifically to offer outstanding performance and efficiency combined with ease of setting up and commissioning in HVAC applications, while drives in the VACON® FLOW family are dedicated to improving flow control and saving energy in industrial pump and fan applications. The new wireless HMI module, in conjunction with the MyDrive® Connect app, allows almost any modern tablet or smartphone to be used to set up, monitor and commission selected Danfoss drives, without the need for a wired connection.

The Optimise Differently area focuses on the enormous energy and cost savings that Danfoss Drives make possible when they are used to optimise processes in an almost unlimited range of industries and applications. Impressive confirmation is provided with details of a large and very successful project in Denmark, where Aarhus Water Limited has, with the help of variable speed drives from Danfoss, upgraded its water delivery and wastewater treatment operations in the Marselisborg area so that they now produce more energy than they consume.

On show in the Collaborate Differently area are products from the VLT® AQUA Drive FC 202 range, which are designed to give the highest level of performance in both new and retrofit water and wastewater applications, and VACON® 100 INDUSTRIAL drives, which are easy to use in constant torque and constant power applications with induction, permanent magnet and synchronous reluctance motors.

Throughout the Drives & Controls Show, experts from Danfoss with experience in a wide range of fields will be available to visitors to discuss the benefits of Doing it Differently, to provide further information about Danfoss products and services, and to offer advice on choosing the best variable speed drive solutions for specific projects.

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