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Article Date: 24th April 2018

DMS - The LX Turbine Meter – For Hygienic Applications

LX Turbine Meter - Water Meter - Cold Water Meters

DMS - LX Turbine Meter

The LX Turbine Meter is a popular and smart choice for hygienic applications, the LX meter range is supplied with a 101a totaliser digital display, which shows the accumulated volume and live flows. The LX has 2 power options, internal battery power or 24vdc supply.

The LX turbine meter is suitable for grade food and agricultural applications, this is thanks to the LX’s stainless steel body, which allows liquid to pass through, whether it be chemical or food stuffs whilst retaining its high accuracy readings – without letting the chemicals corrode the meter, the stainless steel body also ensures a long life.

The LX meter is suitable for installation in either horizontal or vertical runs of pipework, for vertical installations it is recommended for the flow of direction to be travelling upwards for better accuracy. If you require the LX turbine meter for a hygienic installation we recommend using a tri clamp connection, these are sometimes required for hygienically safe applications, and DMS can provide these by special request.

This series covers a wide range of flows from a minimum of 2 litres per minute going all the way up to 4500 litres per minute, while still ensuring a high accuracy rating/reading of +/l- 0.5% with less than 0.5 Bar pressure drop at maximum flow for all models.


Screwed: DN15 – DN50

Flanged: DN20 – DN100

The LX is also suitable for applications such as; water reclamation, offshore applications, dairies (milk), pharmaceutical and chemical applications.

The option of the connection style doesn't affect the flow ranges for each size of Meter which is as follows:-

  • Lx13 - 2-20 L/Min

  • Lx16 - 5-50 L/Min

  • Lx19 - 14-140 L/Min

  • Lx25 - 27-270 L/Min

  • Lx40 - 55-550 L/Min

  • Lx50 - 114-1140 L/Min

  • Lx80 - 227-2270 L/Min

  • Lx100 - 454-4540 L/Min

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