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Article Date: 3rd April 2018

ESG - Glass Partitioning

Glass Partitioning - Internal Enclosures - Wall Partitions - Laminated Glass

ESG - Privacy Glass

Glass partitioning provides a modern and sophisticated solution to internal enclosures and wall partitions for a variety of applications.

Sleek & Minimal design

One of the benefits of using glass over a solid wall is that light can still pass through, thus creating a feeling of space and a light airy environment.

There are many different options when choosing the right glass for your partitioning project which will vary according to your individual and legislative requirements.

When you need absolute privacy you might choose sandblasted or diffusa laminated glass with acoustic sound control. For partial privacy, simple decorative designs or your company branding can be sandblasted onto the glass.

ESG - Privacy GlassPrivacy on Demand

For the wow factor and a space, which demands elegance, quality and privacy, ESG partitioning with Switchable Glass provides the optimum choice. With our ESG-4K Controllers and a wall mounted, wireless switch at the touch of a button the glass can effortlessly change to instant privacy.

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