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Article Date: 18th April 2018

WLS - Space Saving Gate Designs for Inner City Properties

Space Saving Gates - Automatic Electric Gate - Bi-Folding Gates

WLS - Space saving gates

Space saving gates are a must in London, where land is invariably at a premium. If you have the luxury of off-street parking it's unlikely you have a lot of room to play with. However, although you may think you haven't the space for an automatic electric gate, there are several exciting space saving gate designs out there that will keep your property and vehicle(s) secure, while still allowing you room to breathe.

The standard swing gate design, where each leaf of the gate swings inwards 90 degrees to the open position, requires a lot of space. While they add style and sophistication to a property, swing gates are also more vulnerable to ramming than other designs and take a little more time to open. The same can be said of standard sliding gates which, although more resistant to ramming, require a lot of space either side of the driveway, when the gate is in the open position.

Bi-folding gates
One space saving gate solution is the bi-folding gate. Bi-folding gates take up a quarter of the space that swing gates do. They are essentially a swing gate where each leaf of the gate folds in half as the gate opens. They can be custom-made to your specifications and built with the same materials and similar designs to swing gates. You can still have the same level of style and sophistication, but with the added wow factor of an exciting, space saving design.

Bi-folding gates are also sometimes known as speed gates because they also open a lot faster than standard swing gates. All in all, bi-folding gates provide an excellent solution for the inner-city dweller who may need to nip in and out in the car regularly, and in a hurry. Choose between solid wooden gates which provide both privacy and noise cancellation, or traditional black, powder-coated steel gates with finials.

Telescopic gates
Another space saving gate design is the telescopic gate, which is to the sliding gate what the bi-fold gate is to the swing gate. The telescopic gate is again divided, either into two or three sections, which overlap each other as the gate opens. This vastly reduces the amount of space required for the gate when in the open position.

Sliding gates provide a higher level of security than swing gates because they are less susceptible to ramming and they also open faster. The design is perhaps more suited to businesses rather than domestic properties, but like all our gates they can be heavily customised to suit your individual needs.

Turning gates
Our final space saving gate design is the turning gate. Turning gates are effectively a clever twist on the tracked sliding gate. There are two main variations, both utilising a curved track to slide the gate around a corner. The first option (See photo above) features two, single section leaves tracked at each end, which are pulled to the left and right and pivot until they come to rest parallel to the vehicle, one on either side.

The second option features a number of hinged sections of gate which are pulled around a corner, either in one direction or two, so again, the gate ends up parallel to the vehicle on one or both sides. The hinged sections allow a tighter turning circle than the first option, freeing up more space around the front of the vehicle, but if you choose to have the gate retracting to one side rather than two, you will need as much depth in your driveway as your gate is wide.

Choosing the right space saving gate design for you
Ultimately our gates are as unique as each individual customer because they are custom-made to your exact requirements. So, before writing-off the idea of having an automatic electric gate at your property, why not get one of our highly-trained and experience gate engineers to provide you with a free site survey? We will be able to tell you which of our space saving gate designs would work best for you and who knows, we may even invent a completely new style just for you.

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