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Article Date: 9th April 2019

ABB Power Quality - IFA2 Project Reaches Half-Way Point

IFA2 Project - HVDC Converter Stations - High Voltage Substations

ABB Power Quality - IFA2 Project Reaches Half-Way Point

ABB’s project to deliver HVDC converter stations in Hampshire, England and France for the IFA2 (Interconnexion France Angleterre 2) link has reached its halfway mark. IFA2 is a 1,000 MW interconnector between France and the U.K. and upon completion, it will connect the grids of England and France.

ABB’s scope is to deliver the HVDC converter stations at either end of the link during a 43-month contract. The project is on track to be energised in Q1 of 2020, with handover in Q4 of the same year to the UK and French transmission network operators National Grid and RTE, which are delivering the project in partnership through the IFA2 joint venture company. ABB’s converter stations will be crucial to the operation and will convert power from AC to DC and back using our fourth-generation HVDC Light voltage source conversion (VSC) technology. ABB will also deliver upgrades to nearby high voltage substations where the interconnector will inject and draw power from the AC grid.

ABB has taken special measures to contain the project’s impact on neighbours such, particularly at the UK end of the link near Chilling in Hampshire. This work began long before construction started, when ABB supported IFA2’s public consultation. To ensure that neighbours are not affected by noise from the operational site, we are integrating noise attenuation into equipment such as transformers and shunt reactors’ cooling fans. To manage radio frequency emissions from the power converters, radio frequency shielding will take the form of a Faraday cage around the converter halls. This will be extended at the UK station to include Faraday cages in all buildings to completely eliminate any radio pollution that might affect the nearby Solent Airport.

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