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Article Date: 1st August 2016

ABB Power Grids - ABB Wireless Communications take Site Security to the Next Level for Pen y Cymoedd Substations

Wireless Communications System - Closed Circuit Television - Wind Energy

ABB Power - Wireless router

ABB is providing a secure wireless communications system to connect closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras at two new substations under construction for Vattenfall’s Pen y Cymoedd wind energy project.

Vattenfall is in the final stages of developing the 76-turbine Pen y Cymoedd Wind Energy Project in South Wales. Due for completion in July 2016, it will be the highest capacity onshore wind farm in England and Wales, delivering up to 228 MW.

As part of this innovative project, ABB is supplying a wirelessly connected CCTV security solution for two new substations it is building. Once running, the hillside turbines will feed into the Pen y Cymoedd substation, which will step up the voltage from 33 to 132 kV, while the second substation at Rhigos will step up the voltage from 132 to 400 kV, ready to feed into a brand new 400 kV National Grid substation.

Pole-mounted CCTV cameras around the perimeter fences of both sites will be connected into a highly resilient wireless mesh network using ABB Wireless routers. The two sites will be linked by optical fibre, and connected to a control station with a network video recorder (NVR) to provide recording and monitoring.

As well as being much less costly and quicker to install than a wired solution, which would require trenching for cables, the ABB Wireless based solution is much more secure both in terms of its resistance to tampering, as there are no data carrying wires to be cut, and in its resilience: if one wireless link goes down, the others in the mesh automatically take over.

ABB Power - Power Connection DiagramPen y Cymoedd grid connection
At Pen y Cymoedd, ABB is responsible for providing the grid connection and supplying the related electrical transmission infrastructure. ABB has designed, and is currently building, the two new substations, which are linked by 9.2 km of underground cable. Key equipment includes compact 132 kV PASS (Plug and Switch System) switchgear and STATCOM (Voltage Source Converter based reactive power compensation) units to support grid voltage stability, plus 33/132 kV and 132/400 kV transformers and IEC 62850 compliant substation automation, MicroSCADA control and Relion protection equipment.

One significant aspect of the project is that it is the first UK project in which ABB’s state-of-the-art substation protection and control systems, working in combination with a STATCOM solution, will be used to control and regulate the output of the wind turbines to ensure they remain within Nation- al Grid’s rigorous power quality standards.

The CCTV solution
For the CCTV solution, ABB is installing an ABB Wireless 6320 wireless router alongside each camera, with a Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection to minimize cabling. The routers are connected via an AFS660 switch at each site and the already provided FOX615 network to the central network video recorder (NVR). The ABB Wireless routers will be connected using a mesh topology to create a highly resilient wireless Network with high throughput and scalability.

The CCTV cameras feature excellent image quality, with 800x600 resolution, 65° – 25° view, multiple H.264 streams, PoE connections and outdoor IP66 rating. The NVR provides recording and monitoring for up to 24 IP cameras, and up to 16 TB of storage. The solution can be easily expanded by adding routers to the existing system to provide monitoring for up to 120 cameras. It has eight hot-swappable drive bays, advanced RAID configuration and a redundant power supply to ensure high availability.

ABB Power - Pen y Cymoedd Wind Energy PlantABB Wireless background
The two main areas of application for ABB Wireless are smarter/micro-grids and smarter cities infrastructure. The solutions include networks of routers and directional radio systems, arranged in a mesh or grid structure, along with the architecture and network management to support them.

These networks can handle an assortment of applications. In the energy sector, these include Advanced Metering Infra- structure (AMI), demand management and response, distribution automation and control, outage management, mobile workforce applications, distributed generation and video security. A key feature is that there is no restriction to a single application vendor, giving customers the freedom to choose and manage the applications that suit them. It’s possible to run any application over an enterprise IT network or the internet.

Because every router in an ABB Wire- less network is intelligent, data is routed efficiently to where there is capacity. This minimizes delays and gives customers real- time visibility and control of their assets.

Physical and Cyber security is critical for utility communication networks. With an IP67 rating and tamper-evident casings, ABB Wireless routers are designed to cope with almost any physical challenge, a necessity when routers are routinely installed in outdoor locations in the field. Each device is equipped with multi-layered cyber security, including VPN, WPA2 encryption, AES encryption and support for multiple VLANs. Networks also feature software alarms and authentication and security measures to restrict unauthorized access.

Networks are also scalable, meaning that customers can choose to start small and grow when needed. As the network grows, each smart router will automatically reconfigure itself, making expansion relatively simple. The mesh network design offers inherent reliability, as the network can handle any outage by redirecting data intelligently and seamlessly.

While there are other providers of wireless mesh networks in the market, only ABB Wireless has a track record in delivering end-to-end solutions of this type for utility applications and distribution networks.

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