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Article Date: 12th August 2016

Hager - Extended Occupancy Sensor Range

Occupancy Sensor - Ceiling Mounted Sensors - Corridor Motion Detecting

Hager - ceiling mounted sensors

Here at Hager we have a recently introduced an extended range of ceiling mounted sensors which will help to provide your client with the personal lighting experience and control that they desire. These new sensors can be used to provide automation of circuits, and can be utilised to provide energy savings beyond just lighting.

Ceiling mounted sensors provide the additional function required to achieve an optimum lighting specification. These sensors are perfect for different applications such as education, office and residential buildings.

With energy savings a big priority for businesses, sensible lighting control devices such as presence detectors can help you save up to 25% of your energy consumption. The long working life and high response of our ceiling mounted sensors means that users will re-coup the investment made in these devices through energy reduction.

What solutions can we provide?

Presence Detecting

We have a single and double channel surface mounted occupancy detector available.

In our double channel option, you can benefit from:

  • Two 360 degree rotatable sensors covering a generous detection range of up to 18m x 9m
  • Brightness value can be adjusted manually via a potentiometer

Corridor Motion Detecting

Ideal for applications such as offices and schools, our corridor motion detector won’t miss a thing.

High Frequency Detecting

The perfect solution for applications such as car parks, high temperature rooms and toilets/dressing rooms. Our high frequency detectors can detect motion through thin walls such as glass or wood. Allowing for the control of lighting in scenarios where traditional occupancy sensors based on infra-red technology wouldn’t work.

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