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Article Date: 24th August 2017

ABB Power Grids - Battery Energy Storage Systems

Battery Energy Storage Systems - Power Networks - Renewable Energy

ABB Power Grids - Battery Energy Storage System

ABB has developed Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) technology for active management of various issues across the power value chain. The turnkey solutions have been developed to help UK power networks avoid power supply interruptions. They inject and absorb power to maintain the grid frequency within pre-set limits.

In the latest edition of ABB’s FFWD customer newsletter, Stuart Grattage, ABB’s General Manager for T&D Infrastructure and Grid Integration explains why this is one of the most pressing issues for UK power networks: "renewable energy does not offer the spinning mass and inertia that is provided by a large and traditional power plant. Historically, this is what has enabled our grid to maintain its frequency within the tight limits essential for stability."

As well as dynamic frequency control, a BESS can be helpful for load levelling, peak power shaving, power smoothing and islanding for microgrids. To find out more about how operators in the UK can benefit from energy storage, read the latest edition of FFWD, ABB’s customer newsletter by clicking here.

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