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Article Date: 18th August 2017

Danfoss - ecoSmart Drive-Energy-Efficiency Tool Now Covers All Drive Families

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Danfoss ecoSmart App

With a new energy efficiency standard for AC drives published in March 2017, increased focus on the energy efficiency of drives and motor + drive systems can be expected.

In Europe, the EN 50598 standard on energy efficiency of AC drives has been in effect since 2014. Now, the international standard IEC 61800-9 follows in its footsteps, bringing a worldwide alignment of the way we provide information about drive and motor + drive-system efficiency.

This development requires support from appropriate tools. Therefore, Danfoss has recently updated its energy-efficiency tool for AC drives – ecoSmart. The tool now contains data for all current drive product lines and includes both VLT® and VACON® brands.

With ecoSmart, you can find the IE efficiency class of any Danfoss drive (both VLT® and VACON® brands) and you can determine the IES system-efficiency class of the combination of a Danfoss drive with any induction motor. It’s all about the freedom to choose. The tool will even generate a certificate with technical details about the selected components.

Besides energy-efficiency classes, ecoSmart will also provide you with the partial-load efficiency of AC drives in standardised operation points, and allow you to calculate the efficiency of the drive in any arbitrary operation point.

ecoSmart is available as a web tool and also as an app that can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play.

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