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Article Date: 10th August 2017

DMS - Benefits of AMR (Automatic Meter Reading)

Automatic Meter Reading - Advanced Metering Reading - Meter Readings

DMS - Meters

The most significant benefits to using an Automatic Metering Reading (AMR) system include reduced labour costs, tamper warning, outage detection and increased effectiveness especially when comparing an AMR system with that of manually recording Meter readings. Utilities, Retail Providers, Landlords and Customers can gain from implementing AMR networks into their applications. The range of products manufactured by Elvaco that DMS distribute are able to fit most installations with options of Wireless and Wired solutions. The use of AMR allows for greater flexibility when billing customers as data is always readily available. By using a manual system of recording Meter readings, billing periods are more sporadic and less efficient. Primary installations across the UK are being updated with AMR solutions and the Secondary market is starting to standardise on using AMR systems as well.

Key aspects of using AMR

  • Accurate meter readings
  • Improved security for equipment as well as tamper detection
  • Accurate reading profiles for analysis of performance
  • Energy management through detailed graphs
  • Less costs for resolving mistakes through manual recording
  • Clearer ideas of "cost to read" data
  • Improved billing and tracking of Meter readings and therefore usage

Devices to use:-

  • CMeX50 – Wireless M-Bus to GSM device collecting data and transmitting to Email, FTP, HTTP
  • CMe2100 – M-Bus to GSM device collecting data and transmitting to Email, FTP, HTTP
  • CMe3100 – M-Bus to MODBUS device collecting data and transmitting to BMS Systems
  • CMeX10/11 – M-Bus Extenders used alongside the CMe2100 for larger quantities
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