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Article Date: 8th August 2017

Dulux Select Decorators - Letchworth Rugby Club Scores a Dream Makeover

Letchworth Rugby Club - Dulux Select Decorators - Dulux Trade

Dulux - Letchworth Rugby Club

Letchworth Garden City RUFC is celebrating more than just its recent league success this month, having been given a new lease of life with a much-needed clubhouse makeover. Restoring the club to its former glory, Letchworth GC recieved the works on behalf of the Dulux Select Decorators.

The Dulux Select Decorator scheme brings together decorating professionals who are recognised as meeting the highest standards of quality and service synonomous with that offered by the UK’s leading paint manufacturer.

Dulux Selector Decorator and Club Vice President David Cooper nominated the rugby club for a complimentary makeover as part of a community initiative operated by Dulux Trade to give deserving outlets a much needed boost. A team of Dulux Select Decorators selflessly gave up their time for free to give the well-used clubhouse some much needed TLC.

The main club room, which underwent the renovation, often sees hundreds of players and fans use its facilities over a weekend stretch for social events and post-match gatherings. In need of a major overhaul, the walls were awash with faded muddy handprints and chipped paint. The clubhouse also doubles up as a function room for fitness classes, weddings and birthdays and is subject to constant wear and tear all year round.

Dulux Select Decorator David Cooper and Club Vice President working on the projectKeen to give a nod to the rugby team colours of amber and black, David Cooper, lead Dulux Select Decorator on the project and Club Vice President David Cooper, recommended a softer version of the team strip, opting for a soft wild primrose colour for the top of the walls and a natural slate for the bottom part. Perhaps more importantly, the team also recommended Diamond, recently reformulated to withstand even tougher dirt and stain accidents and to make walls easier to wipe clean, thus reducing the need to regularly redecorate.

Becky Davidson, Senior Marketing Manager at Dulux added: "The fresh yellow (Dulux Trade Diamond Matt/3156 Wild Primrose) for the main walls really brighten up the room, whilst the unusual slate accent colour (Dulux Trade Diamond Matt/504007 Natural Slate) provides an interesting contrast."

Christopher Lunnon, Chairman at Letchworth Garden City RUFC, commented on the makeover: "I am truly appreciative of the fantastic work undertaken by the Dulux Select Decorators. We are thrilled with the result of the makeover and it has made us even more proud of our fantastic club. We look forward to years of happy memories celebrating in our new surroundings."

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