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Article Date: 7th August 2017

Prysmian to Light up Firth of Forth

Steel Wired Armoured Cable - Queensferry Crossing - Cable System

Prysmian - Firth of Forth Road Bridge

Some 58,000 metres of mixed sized steel wired armoured cable from Prysmian has been specified to power the street lighting on the revolutionary new bridge, Queensferry Crossing, which will run alongside the Firth of Forth Road Bridge and transport traffic between Lothian and Fife, over the Firth of Forth.

It’s a high profile project, so contractors Pegasus Power and Communications were not going to take any risks with the cable. “We wanted to use a quality cable from a reputable manufacturer and one who would get it to us on time which is why we chose to work with Prysmian cables” is how Managing Director Douglas Campbell summarised the brand choice.

The steel wired armoured cable is a standard cable for single-phase power distribution with the distinctive coloured core as required for lighting installations. The outer sheath is also distinctive, being coloured violet as required by Scottish regulations.

Being able to source the entire cable system from one manufacturer makes the procurement process much more straightforward and also ensures that all the products are designed to work together in an integrated system.

Queensferry Crossing is being built to minimise pressure on the existing Forth Road Bridge, which was temporarily closed last year to repair structural damage. It extends for 2.7 kilometres, making it the longest three-tower, suspension cable-stayed bridge in the world, in addition to being the largest to feature suspension cables which cross mid-span.

Construction began in 2011 and the bridge is due to open in 2017. The bridge will ease congestion on the original Forth Road Bridge, which will be reserved for public transport, cyclists and pedestrians after the new bridge opens.

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