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Article Date: 14th August 2017

Taylor Maxwell - Research, Learn, Grow with our CPD Seminars

CPD Seminars - Rainscreen Cladding - Cast Stone - Architectural Masonry

Taylor Maxwell - Cladding Framing System

Taylor Maxwell have 20 available CPD seminars. View 9-12:

9. Cladding Framing Systems

This presentation provides an overview to two different aluminium support systems for rainscreen cladding. The presentation also covers the following points;

  • An introduction to Fast Frame
  • An introduction to All Face
  • The benefits of each system
  • Suitable Facades finishes
  • Design
  • Calculations for the system
  • FAQ

Taylor Maxwell - Cast Stone10. Specification Cast in Stone - RIBA Approved

A presentation which offers an insight into the different types and finishes of Walling and Cast Stone products available. It offers guidance on the successful specification of each product and gives detailed advice on the breadth of options available and their key design features, while examining the most important aspects of detailing in conjunction with brick and walling stone.

Taylor Maxwell - Architectural Masonry11. Design with Architectural Masonry - RIBA Approved

A presentation which covers all the most vital aspects of designing with Architectural Masonry; from the importance of modular design and movement control, to structural performance, thermal insulation, sound reduction, fire resistance and much more.

Taylor Maxwell Brickwork12. Innovations in Brickwork

This presentation is designed to provide information on the innovative products that Ibstock has introduced, providing details not only on what benefits the innovations can offer specifiers and their clients, but also how they can be used in work.

Innovations included are Fireborn (large format bricks), glazed bricks, Tilebrick, rainscreens, preassembled, Linear and precast brickwork and more.

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