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Article Date: 20th August 2018

ABB Breakthrough Drives the Development of Environmentally-Friendly HV Transformers

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ABB has successfully tested a cost-effective way to replace petroleum-derived mineral oil in power transformers with an environmentally-friendly ester fluid. Mineral oil is used as an insulating fluid for HV power transformers, but ester fluids are biodegradable, non-toxic, and offer superior fire resistance to mineral oil.

ABB’s solution avoids changing the costliest and most complex parts of a transformer, keeping expense and conversion time to a minimum. Units already in service can be drained of mineral oil and refilled with the natural ester fluid.

Markus Heimbach, head of ABB’s Transformers business, said: “This project is very much in line with our vision of making new and existing high-voltage transformer products safer and greener, without compromising their performance. We are committed to supporting our customers' environmental initiatives with high-performance transformer products and designs that are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and provide a reliable high-voltage alternative for a sustainable future.”

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