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Article Date: 1st August 2018

JS Air Curtains - Zen Air Curtain

Air Curtains - Zen Air Curtain - Recessed Air Curtains

JS Air Curtains - Zen Air Curtain

This smart and minimalistic air curtain can be fitted with bespoke fascia panels providing a corporate brand opportunity or add to functioning. Options include clocks, CAD cut vinyl lettering, laser cut, edge lit lettering – the possibilities are endless.

A “visual installation service” allows a designer to preview their creations with a realistic digital mock-up of the air curtain in-situ using an image of the entrance supplied by the client.

Unlike the conventional air curtain arrangement where the air is discharged at right angles to the air inlet assembly, the air intake and discharge grille are in the same plane so that the air flows through the unit in a straight line.

The Zen air curtain is suitable for medium to large sized premises and, as they can be mounted end-to-end, they can accommodate very wide entrances such as shopping centres, airports or sports arenas.

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