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Article Date: 15th August 2018

Munters - Rotor Replacement

Rotor Replacement - Desiccant Rotor - Munters Dehumidifier - Air Treatment

Munters - Rotor replacement

Replace low performing rotor before risking your Perfect Climate! A dehumidifier containing a desiccant rotor with a low capacity will no longer fulfill the original design conditions. In production facilities this is risky business, since both production capacity and product quality can be affected.


The heart of any Munters dehumidifier is the desiccant rotor (wheel). A proper protected rotor in a well maintained dehumidifier will have a long life, helping you to achieve your desired perfect climate, year after year.

If the rotor capacity starts to decline, you might experience challenges in achieving the originally specified conditions, resulting in your benefits no longer being realised. This might become obvious by a drop in production capacity or product quality, leading to costly consequences.

Replacing a low performing rotor necessitates an investment but when compared to the possible loss in profits or irreparable damage, this investment will easily pay back. Your production or storage conditions will again get back to the expected, just like the energy consumption.

A dehumidifier running with a low performing rotor causes the reactivation heater to consume more energy than normally, trying to compensate for the low performance. Since the heater is the most energy consuming element of the dehumidifier, this situation results in costly and unnecessary use of energy.

Having Munters Global Services replace the rotor, means that not only the rotor is properly installed but also that the dehumidifier is correctly re-commissioned, ensuring optimal performance, minimal energy consumption and lowest running costs are achieved.

Munters - Rotor replacementHOW DO I KNOW HOW THE ROTOR PERFORMS?

Munters Global Services offer ‘Performance Check’ helping to determine the status of the rotor. The tests included in a Performance Check will establish the rotor capacity, helping to identify if rotor replacement is necessary. Just a visual examination is not sufficient, since small particles and airborne contaminants naked to the eye can still have a significant effect. Call us for a Performance Check in case your dehumidifier:

  • seems not to be achieving your desired conditions any longer,
  • has not been undergoing preventive maintenance or
  • has been out of operation for a while


For future maximum protection of your dehumidifier, we recommend you to sign up for a ServiceCaire® maintenance agreement. We will see your dehumidifier is properly maintained. The ServiceCaire® visit includes a number of elements, ranging from checking the condition of filters, critical components, sensors, functionality, performance and if necessary, replacement of filters. Dependent on the criticality, environment and usage of the equipment, we can help determine the most suitable maintenance schedule.

A ServiceCaire® agreement is the most efficient way to secure the long life time of the rotor and the dehumidifier.

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