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Article Date: 15th August 2018

Systemair - Finalists in Two Categories for the RAC Cooling Awards 2018

RAC Cooling Awards - Air Conditioning - Heat-Recovery System

Systemair RAC Cooling awards 2018

We are thrilled to announce our Menerga Adconair AdiabaticzeroGWP AHU has been nominated in 2 categories:

  • Air Conditioning Innovation – Cooling (non-chillers)
  • Air Conditioning Product of the year – VRFS, Splits and other cooling

Menerga proves that effective cooling can take place without compression refrigeration systems. This is possible with its new carbon-neutral AdiabaticzeroGWP cooling technology, on the basis of its proven Adconair heat-recovery system. These hybrid evaporative cooling systems reliably cool hot summer outdoor air to as low as 18°C. By combination of the technologies of indirect adiabatic evaporative cooling with dewpoint cooling – combined for the first time by Menerga in one air handling unit – it is possible to discharge high thermal loads outside the air conditioned rooms and to assure constantly low supply air temperatures.

  • Adiabatic cooling efficiency of 100% (based on the wet-bulb temperature of the extracted air)
  • Great output, even with especially high internal thermal loads
  • Cooling of the outdoor air by up to 16 K possible
  • No need of a conventional refrigeration system, therefore considerably better CO2 balance
  • Maximum efficiency of the heat recovery system with minimal air-side pressure drop
  • Low water consumption with circulating water system
  • Use of condensate in adiabatic cooling system

The Cooling Industry Awards taking place on 26th September at London Hilton, Park lane will bring together an audience of over 500 industry heavyweights including end users, clients, manufacturers, designers, distributers, consultants, contractors and service companies to recognise and celebrate the very best in the industry.

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