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Article Date: 16th August 2018

Unitrunk - CPD Presentations

CPD Presentations - Cable Management Systems - Rapid Installation Systems

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Unitrunk, have manufactured steel cable management systems for over 50 years. Our philosophy is to provide high quality products for design, specification and installation.

RIS (Rapid Installation Systems) have been produced to ensure that products can be installed more quickly and more cost effectively.

Our aim is to show that cable management, although considered a commodity, can with early engagement with engineers offer savings in time and money and ease co-ordination issues by reducing the volume of material on the project. We are committed to replacing the historic “cut and paste” cable management specifications that list products from companies who no longer exist, with the latest products which adhere to the latest regulations.

Our company tag is Total Cable Management Solutions and we provide that by operating two factories who supply to our 8 UK and Ireland depots, each carrying £500,000 of stock. We have local supply on a national basis and with a sales team of 15 we have a wealth of experience to support that tag. Our turnover is in excess of £16m per year and we continue to grow by working with integrity and putting the correct information out to the industry.

Summary of Type of CPD Presentations and Area of Specialisms Offered:

Cable Management
The cable Management Presentation ‘Minimise Volume, Maximise Potential’ is designed to show engineers that by working with the manufacturers and applying the demands of IEC61537, cable management specifications and the latest installation practices and changes to the regulations are adhered to.

Zinc Whisker
The Zinc Whisker presentation is intended to provide a definitive answer to this most contentious of issues. There is much incorrect information within the industry and Unitrunk hope to prove an accountable solution and show how to eliminate the risk.

Materials and Finishes
Selecting the correct material to specify can be a difficult process with many factors to consider. At Unitrunk we are frequently asked to advise on which would be the most suitable material for an installation. Incorrect selection can result in the product not performing at the required level, having insufficient protection against the environment or costing much more than it should have done.

The content of this CPD is designed to address these questions and provide the engineers or designers with sufficient information to specify with confidence. Understanding the difference between the galvanising processes and the level of protection the provide allows for considered material selection and knowing what other solutions are available enables the selection process to be much more straightforward.

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