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Article Date: 19th August 2019

Armstrong Fluid Technology - Register for an Upcoming Webinar

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Armstrong webinar

Our most recent webinar, Recent Advances in Pumping Technology Delivers Maximum Efficiency and Cost Savings, had a number of attendees who asked very insightful questions. Now you can watch the recording by following this link.

The next webinar, on 10th September at 11 AM EST which will focus on improving efficiency in your existing HVAC system without investing in upgrades. Don’t forget to mark the date and time in your calendar. We look forward to speaking with you. Travelling during the webinar? Join with your mobile device or register to receive the recording.


Improve efficiency in your existing HVAC system without investing in upgrades

Date: 10th September at 11 AM EST

Many building owners and operators think of HVAC optimization projects as being too expensive to even consider. On the assumption that a project will involve replacing the biggest, most expensive components they choose to continue operating inefficient systems, and their operating outcomes suffer as a result. In this session you will learn how you can optimize your current HVAC system, without any equipment upgrades.

Tackling energy consumption: Reaching sustainability goals at no extra cost

Date: 8th October at 11 AM EST

According to the US Green Build Council, buildings represent 41% of total U.S. energy output. Performance drift in HVAC systems is the cause of over $10 billion per year of wasted energy in the US alone. During this session you will learn how you can reduce energy consumption of your building by making small upgrades to your HVAC system to reach your sustainability goals.

We all have a big opportunity to improve the building structure and decrease energy use. Learn how Armstrong Fluid Technology is helping building owners and operators around the world significantly reduce energy consumption and meet their suitability goals while staying cash flow positive.

To register click here.

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