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Article Date: 23rd August 2019

FläktGroup - FläktPack AHUs

Flatpack AHUS - AHU Plant Room - Air Handling Unit

FlaktGroup - FläktPack AHUs

FläktPack AHUs and why they are the cost-effective choice for difficult installs. How are new AHUs generally delivered to site?

They are delivered in sections at the kerbside. All sections are offloaded from the lorry and lifted and shifted to the plant room or roof.

Why flat packing?

Generally, due to the fact that shifting from kerbside (our standard delivery) to the AHU plant room, there are pinching points on the path. Pinching points along the logistic routes can be anything like double doors, other plants in the way or goods lift size and weight restrictions. Most of existing buildings undergoing refurbishment have other equipment already in place, hence blocking the access to getting new AHUs in. Flat packing helps to save costs on cranes, lifting equipment etc and can be manoeuvred through existing challenging access conditions.

This also means no more applications for road closures or a crane license.

What involves flat packing?

This is done in a systematic approach to ease re-assembly.

  1. Unwrap the section of any packaging.
  2. Take off the panels
  3. Remove motors/fans from the section.
  4. Palletise the broken-down parts and shrink wrap.

Once all sections are flat packed, they are now ready to be delivered to site.

To what limit can flat packing be done?

This depends on the section panel size and the type of thermo-wheel if there is any.

So if a particular section without motor is L-1500mm x W-1000mm x H-800mm, you will be able to flat-pack to the following approximate dimensions:

2 off panels - 1500mm x 1000mm x 50mm
2 off panels – 1000mm x 800 mm x 50mm
2 off panels – 1500mm x 800 mm x 50mm

Something to note when it comes to flat packing:

Customer MUST inform our sales team that flat packing is required at quotation stage. It might not be possible to flat pack thermo-wheels if are not built for flat packing purposes. An example of a thermo-wheel designed for flat packing is as per attached pictures, you will see they are made of ‘cheese’ portions.

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