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Article Date: 16th December 2015

COMPCO Fire Systems - Water Mist V Traditional Sprinklers

High Pressure Water Mist - Fire Protection - Traditional Sprinklers

COMPCO Fire Sprinkler

Traditional Sprinklers
Traditional sprinklers rely on large amounts of water when performing, being disputed in large water droplets either directly onto equipment or into a protected space. Due to the large amount of water needed, this also mean large and spacious water tanks may be required, if not being fed from the water mains. They also require larger piping around the building to the distributed sprinkler heads.

Due to the amount of water this can cause implications such as water damage in the protected places where the sprinkler head would have activated. This can cause concern among customers, as valuable assets and possessions are places at risk, not only from the fire but also the fire protection system itself.

High Pressure Water-Mist
Compco-Fogtec high pressure water mist can be an alternative to traditional sprinklers, and can be much more beneficial in certain places, such as historic or heritage buildings.

The key to the Compco-Fogtec fire fighting effect is the minimal sizing of the water droplets, which is the key factor to the system’s ability to cool and control the oxygen displacement within a fire. Therefore the water is being spread at a high pressure; so the surface area for cooling is greater than that of conventional sprinkler system.

As a result the Compco-Fogtec system can extract the energy, which is the heat from the fire, seizing it under control. This enables quicker and safer evacuation from buildings, as well as less water damage, as high pressure water mist only require as little as 10% of the water that is needed for conventional sprinkler systems. This is a great advantage for buildings such as technology date laboratories, due to them holding valuable and some even extremely corrosive items. Therefore costs in damages, repairs and restorations are considerably lower.

As well as these advantages the High Pressure Water Mist System is much more compact and aesthetic in terms of integration into new and existing buildings. They enable the protection of buildings up to the height of a TV tower, using just one pump that could be installed in the basement.

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