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Article Date: 10th December 2015

Fogtec - Heritage Buildings

Fire Protection - Pumping Units - Water Mist - Water Sprinklers

Fogtec - Heritage Building

The safety of people has its utmost priority when it come to fire protection in public buildings, but other cultural institutions such as the protection of books, artefacts and even the protection of entire heritage buildings also needs to be addressed.

Compco-Fogtec systems installations are ideal with both modern architectural designs, with their small pipe diameters meaning they can be fitted unobtrusively into existing buildings. This also benefits historical buildings, as well as heritage buildings due to central pumping units being more compact. They require considerably less space than conventional sprinklers, where just one pump is needed, which can be fitted into a basement. When fitting water mist heads into heritage buildings, the visually effective concealed water mist heads is also an advantage with them not being as noticeable or disturbing to the rest of the atheistic’s throughout the building.

Compco-Fogtec water mist has a high efficient cooling quality, which dramatically reduces the spread of heat and therefore creates better conditions for people to escape such dangerous conditions. This effect is particular importance to reduce the spread of fire to other valuable items. Different to traditional sprinklers this water mist uses less volumes of water and therefore water damage is reduced to a minimum, if a water mist head was to be activated, as well as lower repair or restoration costs to the building if needed.

The overall benefit of Compco Fogtec water mist in heritage buildings is the full fire protection it provides, as well as minimising any damages that can occur during the deactivation, thus allowing full protection to these wonderful historic buildings.

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