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Article Date: 1st December 2016

Grundfos Pumps - Here East is Here & Now

London Olympics Press Centre - Pump Systems - Here East

Grundfos - Here East

Every Olympics has the ambition to leave behind a strong legacy. This is because all host city’s want to make sure that they build on the momentum and positivity generated not just by the games themselves, but also by the venues that surround them. This expectation has fallen short in the past; London has however continually bucked this trend.

About to join the legacy ranks is the former press centre that is currently being reconfigured into a tech and media hub. The original plan of the press and broadcast centre was designed in such a way that it included ‘green’ office space with four storeys of workspace. Grundfos were chosen as the sole pump supplier and the final pump solutions were supplied on inertia bases. This involved more than 70 NBE energy efficient pumps all of which were supplied pre-bolted and pre-wired. 10 pressurisation sets were also supplied as well as 6 Hydro MPC-E booster sets.

The original design has meant that post games the building could be easily adapted, something that is proving to be invaluable as the building makes its transition into a tech and media hub. Called Here East it will be fully operational during 2017. As the largest technology innovation centre in Europe it will support 500 on-site organisations with state-of-the-art facilities and is therefore set to continue to deliver great results well into the future.

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