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Article Date: 8th December 2016

Legrand - Looking to the Year Ahead

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Legrand - Tony Greig, CEO of Legrand

With Christmas just around the corner and the New Year celebrations on the horizon, Tony Greig CEO at Legrand UK & Ireland, offers some final thoughts on the last 12 months and expectations for 2017.

While there are many themes that will continue to gain traction in the coming months; BIM and the continuing growth of smart technology are expected to lead the charge - that, and of course Brexit – which needs no further introduction.

For the electrical industry in particular, the increasing role of technology in our homes and businesses continues to have a major impact on the way that we live and work and I can’t see that changing. Through the development of smart hand-held devices, consumers are already aware of the potential, technology can bring and it’s only going to intensify. I firmly believe that this is just the beginning of our connected world and it’s important that electricians and electrical engineers understand its potential to help their business to grow. Remember too, that it’s not just new installations – it will be the ongoing maintenance of them in years to come – offering a real growth potential.

Smart technology for me, will be king in the coming months and years, and simplicity is essential. From controlling your heating from a smart device, right through to your blinds, lighting and AV equipment – the potential is huge, but most importantly the technology is here already.

Developing systems and solutions that are both simple to use and install is key, but where the technology really brings it home is the ability it has to enhance the life of an individual or a family. What’s great is that technology has moved beyond gimmicks and people are beginning to see the real potential it can bring. Yes of course, there will always be a market for widgets that control your coffee machine, but the real potential is where people can check the wellbeing of their nearest and dearest, 100 miles away; or can control their security system, their heating and their entertainment from a single device, all while saving energy. Technology has the potential to help people live life better every day, and that’s a wonderful thing to be a part of.

All-in-all, the future for the electrical industry looks bright. Not only is the industry succeeding in the traditional elements of specification and installation, but is also now embracing the smart world and all that that entails.

Smart technology is all around us and as retailers begin to cotton on to the potential of smart home technology, consumer awareness and understanding will also rise, leading to greater opportunities for electrical contractors. It’s all well and good having a smart building on paper, but if it doesn’t add value to those in it and those using it, then what is the point? In the coming months, it’s important that we don’t forget the huge role smart technology and the IoT will have throughout residential, commercial and industrial applications. We must grasp hold of the opportunity that it presents.

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