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Article Date: 22nd December 2016

PMA UK - 2016: A Year in Review

Cable Protection - Gotthard Base Tunnel - Solar Impulse 2

PMA - Diary

As the end of the year drew closer, and we all began to reflect on the journey 2016 had taken us on, let’s look back on some of the highest points the year had to offer us here at PMA cable protection.

  • The beginning of the year saw us embrace the ever popular concept ‘new year, new you’ as we began to fully embrace our status as part of the ABB family; launching a great new website with a fresh new look.
  • 2016 also saw us participate in a huge number of industry exhibitions across the world; including Rail Live, and Automatica2016 where ABB were proud to have won an award for their innovative YuMi robot, as part of The Internet of Things.
  • Our involvement in the largest rail project in the world, the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland, was a particular highlight of our year; presenting us with some rather challenging environments, and seeing us work side-by-side with some of the rail industries fellow world leaders to create something truly revolutionary.
  • The completion of Solar Impulse 2’s zero-flight, round the world trip pushed the boundaries of what’s possible with entirely clean energy, and inspired the world to invest in solar power. Something we’re so excited to have been a part of!
  • In order to aid our research & development, we welcomed a new ‘employee’ to the PMA team; the IRB2600, a medium sized, 6-axis robot with a load capability of 20kgs and a maximum stretch of 1.65m, and a lovely addition to the team.

2016, our 41st year in cable protection solutions, has been quite the success! Seeing us complete some truly groundbreaking projects, and beginning some exciting new initiatives.

We can only hope that 2017 will be just as exciting!

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