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Article Date: 6th December 2017

Closomat - ‘Brilliant’ Customer Comments - about the Toilet!

Cotswold Wildlife Park - Changing Places Assisted Accessible Toilet

Closomat - Moto Exeter

If you want to improve your visitor satisfaction next year, turn to the toilets over the winter.

Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens is the latest to find an easy way to achieve it. The UK’s largest privately-owned wildlife collection this year complimented its existing accessible features by opening a Changing Places assisted accessible toilet, supplied by the expert in the facility’s provision, Closomat.

Other major brands to see the benefit of Changing Places that Closomat has installed this year are JD Wetherspoon, Alton Towers, Moto.

"It’s amazing how much of a difference such facilities make to so many people! Venues regularly report to us that visitors leave comments to the effect that a Changing Places meant they could now visit, and others saying that now that they know we have it, they will definitely return," says Claire Haymes, Closomat away from home specialist. "They also report that the Changing Places are used frequently, every day."

Latest figures by Tourism for All show that 1 in 5 people in the UK is disabled. Parties that include a disabled person spend £14billion a year on tourism and travel in the UK, they stay longer and tend to spend more. Many of them are accompanied by at least one carer, may need lifting/help to transfer, or assistance with their intimate care.

Closomat - Moto ExeterA Changing Places toilet brings more space (3m x 4m to British Standards), than a conventional wheelchair-accessible toilet, to accommodate the wheelchair user and up to two carers, plus a ceiling track hoist, adult-sized height adjustable changing bench and privacy screen. Without such a facility, potential users report they either, or curtail their visit, or choose not to visit at all. Under current Building Regulations (Document M), Changing Places are desirable for inclusion in any building to which numbers of the public have access.

Closomat is Britain’s leading provider of helpful toileting solutions, at home and away, including Changing Places. Uniquely, the company can provide an in-house, ‘one- stop-shop’ complete package for ‘away from home’ assisted accessible toilet facilities, from design and commissioning, through to project management, supply and installation. It is also unique in providing subsequent maintenance and repair.

*Potential users of a wheelchair-accessible toilet with space, bench and hoist include:
- 1.5m wheelchair users
- 6.5 million people who have either bladder or bowel incontinence
- 1.5million people with a learning disability
- 1.2million people living with stroke
- 62,000 amputees
- 30,000 people with cerebral palsy
- 13,000 people with acquired brain injuries
- 8,500 people with multiple sclerosis
- 5000 people with motor neurone disease
- 8,000 people with spina bifida
- 120,000 people with a stoma
- 3.8million adults morbidly obese
- 100,000 people with muscular dystrophies
- 40,000 people with spinal chord injuries
- 0.8million disabled children
- 8.7million people with osteoarthritis
- 400,000 people with rheumatoid arthritis

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