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Article Date: 13th December 2017

DMS - Don’t Let the Frost Bite your Pipe

Frost Bite - Frozen Pipes - Heating System - Heat Meters

DMS - Glycol Tolerant Heating System/Heat Meter

The cold weather effects more than your heating bills and toes - frozen pipes are a big issue when the frost strikes if not maintained or protected.

Rest assured, there are simple ways to deal with this dreaded issue and we are going to bring you up to speed!

Tips to avoid the big freeze

  • Use a Glycol Tolerant Heating system

  • Keep the heating on at a constant temperature

  • Insulate pipes where possible

Using a Glycol tolerant system does not affect the accuracy of the heating system or meter readings, there is one main range of Glycol tolerant heat meters on the market which is the Sontex Superstatic ranges, capable of being used with over 100 different types of Glycol

Glycol is a solution that can be added into your heating system to flow through the pipes, preventing any frozen pipes and possibly saving you a lot of time and money repairing frost damage. Now, you may be thinking, having a Glycol Tolerant Heating System/Heat Meter is going to cost more money... you will be pleasantly surprised to know that DMS supply the Sontex range of Glycol tolerant Heat Meters from just £120.00+ for a DN15 (½" Screwed)+ Domestic sized, and from just £500.00+ for a DN50 (2" Flanged)+ commercial sized system.

The full Sontex range of RHI Approved Heat Meters are available for next day delivery in sizes from DN15 ½" to DN250 10” Flanged in our Nottingham warehouse.

When the frost strikes, you will be glad you have chosen Sontex

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