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Article Date: 1st December 2017

Formica - Capture the TrueScale of Nature in your Kitchen

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Formica - Axiom® by Formica Group, Thai Beamwood (l) and Breccia Pacifica worktop, breakfast bar and upstand (r)

Surfaces formed of natural materials like stones and woods are gaining popularity in kitchen trend guides as the ideal worktops. Many of us like the fact that they bring the outdoors look and feel into our homes.

Among the natural stones, quartz is gaining popularity alongside granite and marble as a desirable kitchen worktop surface. We are seeing manufactured quartz in trend guides more often as it’s tougher than other natural stones and easily customisable to match any style or colour.

Wood is another natural material that is making headlines once again in the kitchen surfacing world. It has the advantage of looking good with almost any kitchen styles and colours, be it traditional or modern, light or dark. However, natural timber and wood surfaces require quite a lot of maintenance and care – treatment and oiling – to remain in pristine condition, time many of us don’t have.

For a lot of people though, the main drawback with natural stone surfaces, quartz and woods is the cost and time spent on maintenance. Alternative surfacing solutions are bridging the gap between costly natural materials and their aesthetic and functional appeal.

Formica - Axiom® by Formica Group, Cafe Azul (l) and Breccia Pacifica worktop, breakfast bar and upstand (r)Take laminate, for example, the TrueScale range from Axiom by Formica Group captures the natural material look with high quality prints that detail each wood species or stone characteristic in their full form. For authenticity, the decors are taken from real life examples and without repetition or breaks in the design. In terms of maintenance, wood, stone and marble is notoriously finicky and can scratch and stain if spills aren't dealt with immediately, laminate only requires a damp cloth.

An important bellwether for any upcoming design trends is the Dulux Colour of the Year. In 2018 it is set to be ‘Heart Wood’, a dusky, warm mauve that carries a sense of comfort with it. Heart Wood is a versatile shade that works well with many other tones and shades, especially softer ones. Its flexibility means that you can use it with a wide range of different styles or palettes. It blends well with stones and woods, adding to its sense of harmony.

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