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Article Date: 5th December 2018

DMS - Still the Best Heat Meter on the Market

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DMS Sontex SuperStatic Meter

The Sontex SuperStatic Meter is still the most popular Heat Meter in the UK, that’s why the top HIU manufacturers choose to use Sontex, let’s find out why:

Did you know that the Sontex 440 and 449 are the only meters approved for the MMSP (Metering and Monitoring Service Package)?!

The 440 uses an oscillation measuring principle which is resistant to impurities and poor water conditions, also the 440 has no moving parts hence less maintenance and the less chance of things going wrong within the meter chamber.

Glycol tolerant! Yes, the 440 is glycol tolerant for use with over 100 different Glycol, we’ll even programme the meter for you before despatch, just let us know the concentration, type and brand and you’ll be ready to go!

With a large range of communication modules such as Pulse, M-Bus, MODBus, Radio, LON aswell as available in Battery or 240v, the 440 is equipped for all applications to suit your needs or project.

The 440 is available from 15mm to DN500 with various flow ranges.

Contact our tech team by email below and they will be happy in helping you select the right heat meter for your application.

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