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Airedale Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Services

Patrick Cotton - What is Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)?

Airedale offers a comprehensive range of CFD services from its UK based Head Office in Leeds. CFD is a computational technology that uses numerical methods to solve and analyse the problems that involve fluid flows and thermal issues.

We use CFD simulations while designing our integrated, efficient cooling solutions. CFD allows us to completely understand airflow and temperature distribution, allowing us to design optimised and efficient cooling systems.

We also use CFD techniques for customer specific applications of heating, cooling or ventilation systems used across data centre, process and retail environments.

How we use CFD?

We use 3 dimensional CFD simulations in the development of air conditioning products. This approach allows us to make informed engineering and operational based decisions, optimising performance.

Our product development team is made up of experts who specialise in CFD simulation. This allows us to extend our CFD analysis techniques to our customers.

Analysis on specific applications means we can source the best fit solution for your application, minimising risk, maximising efficiency and reducing both capital and operational costs.

Such analysis provides peace of mind in relation to performance and ensures informed decisions are made, whether the cooling solution is for a new or retrofit facility.

We work closely with Future Facilities using their 6Sigma software.

We are the only 5-star provider of cooling products in the industry
This allows us to create full representations of each facility, testing and evaluating the design and layout of the facility to make the right decisions for the project in the design and planning stage. Customers are provided with fully customisable CFD reports and detailed analysis with animation files to ensure their facility and cooling system works as required.

Such a methodology highlights potential issues before they arise; minimising hotspots, maximising system efficiency and optimising the configuration of the facility in a scientific, proven manner. All test environments are fully adjustable, allowing you to visualise facility performance and make educated informed decisions.

This approach provides an effective design and confidence that your facility and equipment will perform at its best.

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