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Featured Video - Aquilar - 18th January 2017

Oslo Airport

Oslo airport

Two TraceTek products were recently used in a leak detection project for Oslo Airport; a solution was installed to the airport’s hydrant fuel system, which carries kerosene below ground to the aircraft fuelling station. For this application the TraceTek TT5000 fuel sensing cable was chosen, due to its ability to detect liquid hydrocarbon fuels at any point along its length without reacting to the presence of water. Due to the vast lengths of underground pipes in a hydrant fuel system, it is important that a potential leak can be accurately pinpointed to ensure efficient management of any issues. If a leak were to occur anywhere within this area, the results would be major disruptions to airport operations and potential damage to the surrounding environment. The TT5000 cable was installed within the interstitial space between the inner and outer walls of the Logster pre-insulated pipework and subsequently linked to a main control panel - the TTDM-128 Master Alarm Panel. Using this system, a potential leak could be located with 1 meter accuracy and multiple (or spreading) leaks could also be detected with accuracy and efficiency.

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