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Featured Video - Artemide - 25th October 2017

Artemide Wins the Codega Prize with Quantum


The Quantum project, designed for Artemide by Marco Brianza and Amedeo Cavalchini, was awarded with the Codega Prize 2017 for the LED Solutions category on October 13th.

"A Configuration of Classical Industrial Design Incorporating New Technologies" is the jury’s motivation: with a simple form, secured by modular intelligence and perceptual reasons, it is developed through a deep technological innovation an evolved interaction between artificial light, space and man.

Quantum is a new way of thinking about artificial light, which frees itself completely in space and time. The basic element of the system develops in different lengths and is made up of multiple modules, "quanta" luminous, controllable independently in time for both intensity and color tone. The application of position variations and quinid direction of light emission, color and intensity introduce a perceptual experience that is closer to that experienced with the dynamism of natural light.

"In nature, light is movement both in time and space, and this is evident by observing its variation during days and seasons. The shadows that are generated are also always moving, slow but constant as well as the colors of illuminated objects. Dynamism is natural, unnatural fixity", Marco Brianza and Amedeo Cavalchini describe their project designed for Artemide.

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