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Featured Video - DMS - 19th July 2017

Coster Solenoid Valves

Coster Solenoid Valves from DMS

A quick video covering the Coster range of Gas Solenoid valves supplied by DMS. The GCA Gas Solenoid Valves from Coster are used to shut off Gas Supplies in an emergency. When the coils within the Valves are not powered up the Valve remains closed in order to prevent any Gas from passing downstream. Then as power is reapplied to the coils they automatically reset themselves to permit Gas flow again. The sizes available for the GCA range start at 15mm and are supplied all the way up to 300mm. From 15-50mm all of the Valves have a BSP Female threaded connection and the Valves at 65mm and above have a PN16 Flanged connection. The standard power requirement for the GCA range is 230vac but a 24v version can be supplied instead on request, just contact us before ordering.

These Solenoid Valves can be installed in either Horizontal or Vertical runs of pipework. The only restriction is that the Coil on top of the Valve must not point towards the floor otherwise the Valve is at risk of not closing properly. A Closed Position Indicator (or CPI Switch for short) can be added to the GCA Valves in order to provide a remote indication of when the Valve is closed or not. For the larger 200-300mm sized units this is supplied as standard.

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