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Featured Video - Marshall-Tufflex - 22nd August 2017

‘Game Changer’ Wire Basket Stars in Voltimum Video

Voltimum Review: Marshall-Tufflex Wire Basket

Marshall-Tufflex’s quick-fix Wire Basket is the latest star of Voltimum thanks to a new product review video that demonstrates its speed and ease of installation.

In the video Voltimum Editor Dan Tovey and electrical contractor Kyle Gamble discuss the features and benefits of the innovative cable management system, neatly outlining its advantages during the three minute video, filmed at Bemco Electrical Wholesalers in London.

Introducing the lightweight system, Dan asks: "Have we found a game changer in this cable management?"

Kyle’s view: "Any product that improves efficiency on site, make a job easier and an installation quicker has real value to an electrical contractor."

The video highlights just how the Fast-Coupling Wire Basket system can be installed within four seconds; pre-fabricated couplers allow basket lengths to simply and quickly click together with no requirement for tools or screws/bolts. This quick-fit approach appealed to Kyle, who said: "Because it is push and click it is a lot less labour intensive. If you are doing a big warehouse project or an office refit you can save a lot of time by using this system…you don’t need to worry about screwing or bolting the two lengths together. Every electrician knows the biggest pain is when you drop your last screw or bolt and have to get all the way down the ladder to try and find it.

"The couplers are quite different to the traditional way of joining the basket together. There is a bit of a knack to it but once you get the knack you will fly through installations. The manufacturer has really thought about the installation process. Using these couplers will really speed it up. I like the ripples within the cable basket," added Kyle.

The couplers also deliver excellent earth continuity throughout the system, according to Kyle, and the rippled wire design of Wire Basket gives the system great flex resistance and allows it to hold more load as well as helping cables glide over basket cross beams during installation.

Jon Chamberlain, Marshall-Tufflex UK Sales Director, said: "We are delighted that Kyle and Dan found our Wire Basket system so well-designed and quick/easy to install. We work hard to develop installer-friendly cable management systems that are practical and high performance at a competitive price."

Two steps and four seconds are all it takes to install cable management specialist Marshall-Tufflex’s Fast-Coupling Wire Basket system. Suitable for industrial, commercial, renewable energy and transportation installations, Wire Basket has been specifically designed to be quick and easy to assemble (no tools required) thanks to its integral push-fit coupler which connects the baskets and gives the system strength and rigidity. The strong, lightweight baskets have great structural stability thanks to the unique rippled wire construction and are corrosion resistant, making them suitable for use in harsh environments. Two heights are available, 65mm and 105mm.

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