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Pilkington OptiView™ - The Best in Glass for Clarity

Pilkington OptiView™

Pilkington OptiView™ is a transparent, anti-reflective coated glass that can be used in a monolithic or laminated application.

The anti-reflective coating allows more visible light to pass through and results in improved clarity compared to standard clear glass.

To maximise performance, Pilkington OptiView™ can be laminated with the anti-reflective coating on surfaces one and four. This reduces light reflectance to less than two per cent, compared to eight per cent reflection with standard clear glass, and results in views from both inside and out that are clear, unobscured and virtually reflection-free.

Pilkington OptiView™ Protect, the laminated version, offers the added benefits of superior safety, security and acoustic performance. It also provides protection from harmful solar radiation by blocking 99 per cent of UV transmittance. As an added benefit, this can help to reduce the fading of building interiors and their contents.

The high-performance product is the perfect choice for areas requiring high visibility, such as stadiums, store fronts, zoos and museums.

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