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CALPEX PUR-KING - Magic Threshold Exceeded: Lowest lambda Value of 0.0199 W/mK

CALPEX PUR-KING - Magic threshold exceeded: lowest lambda value of 0.0199 W/mK

Over the last ten years, Brugg Pipesystems has managed to reduce continually the lambda value of its CALPEX pipe systems through intensive research and development work. Thanks to the newly developed process technology from CALPEX PUR-KING, the leading provider of heating and service water systems has succeeded in reducing the thermal conductivity of CALPEX pipes to a lambda value of 0.0199 W/mK (measured at 50°C). This has been substantiated by an accredited testing institute. This is the lowest value anywhere in the world and makes it possible to go significantly below the previously believed physical heat conductivity for polyurethane. CALPEX PUR-KING will thus become a trigger for a further significant rise in the energy efficiency of pre-insulated pipe systems for the heating and cooling market. CALPEX PUR-KING will be gradually introduced onto the market from April 2018.

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