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Featured Video - Uponor - 30th July 2018

YouTube Provides Perfect Fit for Uponor Q&E Shrink-Fit Demo

The Uponor Q&E Shrink Fit System

Heating, cooling and plumbing specialist, Uponor, has taken to YouTube to show installers just how quick and easy it really is to fit the company’s Q&E Shrink-Fit PEX pipe fitting system.

Highlighting the simple four-stage process to installing pipework using the system - cut the pipe, place the ring, expand the pipe, insert the fitting - the informative video enlists the professional expertise of Lee Woodgate from iGas Plumbing in Hertfordshire to demonstrate just how quick and easy it is to use.

In the video, Lee talks through the different pipe sizes (16-63mm) available as part of the Uponor system and discusses the expansion tools required to expand the pipe. He then demonstrates how easily the fitting is inserted into the pipe and how the pipe shrinks back around the fitting to create a secure joint in a couple of minutes with no glues or hot works, making it safer, cleaner and faster to use than other systems.

Lee’s demo also reiterates that the Uponor Q&E Shrink-Fit system involves no ‘O’ rings or moving parts and allows the installer to review the fitting, ensuring that it is 100% reliable. Indeed, as Lee points out in the video, Uponor Q&E fittings have been proven to withstand force of up to 1300kg during product tests.

Talking fellow plumbing professionals through all the advantages of the Uponor Q&E Shrink-Fit system, Lee also highlights the versatility it offers and the video includes footage of a copper to PEX connection using the transition coupling included within the Uponor Q&E range.

Comments Amar Dharwar from Uponor: “Our brochures and our website (http://www.uponor-qe.com/smile) provide an excellent resource for installers who want to know more about the Q&E Shrink-Fit system, but there’s no substitute for seeing the product in action and we know from training sessions that plumbing professionals are always amazed by how quick and easy it is to achieve a secure and robust joint with Q&E Shrink-Fit.

“This video forms an integral part of our ‘Smile with Q&E’ campaign which includes both advertising in the trade media and our new microsite www.uponor-qe.com/smile, where installers will be able to find exclusive deals to help them get started with the Uponor Q&E Shrink Fit System. We’re sure installers will enjoy watching and sharing the video and we’d like to thank Lee and iGas Heating for being our co-stars and letting the Q&E Shrink-Fit system take centre stage.” 

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